Saturday, January 4, 2014

Day 4 of IVF #3

Today is Day 4 of Lupron and tomorrow is my last BCP! Yay!  Then it's just waiting for my period and baseline u/s and blood work on Thursday.

So DH and I had discussed that we needed to get our house cleaned up and organized since we both are going to be so busy the next few weeks (me - IVF, project deadline at work, and a full schedule of meetings with our UK office and DH just found out his boss needs Quadruple bypass surgery so he'll be extra busy at work as well).  I spent the entire day cleaning our kitchen, organizing our pantry and cabinets, doing dishes, sweeping, mopping, putting away laundry, and organizing our linen closet (which now can actually hold linens!).  Tomorrow's list is taking down the Christmas tree, straightening up the living room, and cleaning the bathroom.

In addition to my cleaning tirade, I also had to make a winter storm preparation shopping trip this morning, to prepare for the 8-12 inches of snow that is supposed to come tonight and tomorrow.  It's a good thing I went early, people were posting pics on Facebook of the stores later in the day and they were crazy!  The lines looked like the day after thanksgiving.  I picked up a few groceries and some gloves and a thermal shirt for DH and a stocking hat for me.  I think we are prepared, bring on the snow.

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