Saturday, January 18, 2014

Day 18 of IVF #3

Day 18 and more stims.  I forgot to post yesterday, but my Intralipid infusion went well.  It only took two sticks to get the IV in.  However my hand is still bruised and a bit swollen today.

I actually did something I normally don't do, I chatted with another patient.  The girl that was getting her infusion the same time as me was also getting Intralipids.  It turns out that she was pregnant with twins from her first her first round of IVF that she did in Barbados.  She was completely shocked to find out they were having twins because her betas indicated only a small chance of her pregnancy being viable, her beta doubling times were much longer than the 72 hour minimum that doctors like to see.  I'm taking her story as a sign that miracles do happen.

Also the nurse that was doing my Intralipid infusion was pregnant.  She was acting as a gestational carrier for her niece and nephew.  It took them two rounds of IVF to get pregnant.

Infertility can be so isolating, that I often forget that there are other people out there whose lives are touched by infertility.  I'm taking both of these stories as signs of hope for our cycle.

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