Monday, January 27, 2014

Day 3 Report is in

Well I got the call with our Day 3 report and while it wasn't as great as our fert report, it wasn't terrible either.

My clinic gives embryos a grade of 1-3 based on the amount of fragmentation.  Grade 1=no fragmentation, Grade2= minimal fragmentation, and Grade 3= significant fragmentation.  Fragmentation is when pieces of the cell break off as the cells divide which can be a sign of a poor quality embryo, but not always.  There is no difference in success rates from a grade 1 or a grade 2 embryo.  They also look at the number of cells an embryo has on day 3.  A normally growing embryo has 6-10 cells on day 3.  More or less cells is a sign that the embryo isn't growing correctly and is likely aneuploid, or has a chromosomal issue.

My 8 embryos were graded as follows:

3 Grade 2- two 7 cell and one 8 cell
5 Grade 3- one 4 cell, two 7 cell, and two 8 cell

It's a little disappointing to have so many grade 3 embryos, but I know from experience that an embryo's grade can improve from day 3 to day 5.  Last cycle we only had grade 2 and grade 3 embryos, but ended up with a grade 1 early blast to transfer on day 5.

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  1. Sending a million good thoughts your way and for your little embies.