All About Me

My name is Lindsay and I was diagnosed with infertility in August of 2012 after my husband, Travis, and I had tried unsuccessfully to conceive for one year.  We've had a few diagnosis thrown at us, including weak ovulation and unexplained infertility, although the unexplained has stuck the longest. Along the way while most of our tests have been normal, we have discovered that I have slightly low progesterone, am a carrier of the gene for cystic fibrosis, and possibly have hostile cervical mucous (which may be killing my husbands sperm before they can get where they need to be).  We recently found out that Travis has slightly low motility.  We have done 4 IUIs, three with fertility meds and one unmedicated.  In August 2013 we did our first round of IVF, which was canceled before our embryo transfer because our embryos all stopped growing.

We live in our tiny two bedroom house with our dog Darcy and our cat Ginger.  I work in marketing research and Travis works manufacturing marble tubs, sink basins, and showers.  When infertility is not ruling our life we enjoy going to the movies and are looking forward to competing against each other in fantasy football (I would like to note that I beat Travis last year).  I have also recently started golfing and hopefully we can hit the links again before summer is over.

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