Sunday, January 19, 2014

Day 19 of IVF #3

Not much to update, still stimming away.  I did realize today how much meds I've wasted the last 2 cycles.  My clinic has always told me to save my extra follistim (overfill in the vials) and if I end up stimming longer than average, I can use the overfill for my last dose.  In both of my last 2 cycles, I never needed the extra and it expires 28 days after opening it.  This time I pulled the overfill into an insulin syringe and then injected it back into the vial I have been injecting out of the last two days.  I probably got around 300 IU out of the overfill of two 900 IU vials.  If I stim the same number of days as last time, I might end up with an extra 300 IU cartridge that I won't even need to open!

Anyway, tomorrow is the big day (or the first big day in a series of big days).  It's my first monitoring appointment.  I'll get to finally see what's going on with my ovaries.  The bad part about this being IVF #3 is that in my head I keep comparing this cycle to my previous two.  Am I feeling more in my ovaries this cycle?  Am I more bloated?  I think I feel my left ovary more than I did last cycle, maybe that's a sign that I am actually going to have some follies on it this cycle.  I can drive myself crazy if I don't make myself stop.

The other elephant in the room is that my RE had told us we could cancel the cycle if we aren't seeing the response we want.  I just don't know if I could make the decision to cancel.  I feel like I am all in at this point, it's now or never.  Since I think we have pretty much decided that this is the last cycle we are doing with my eggs, I think we will see this cycle through.  I really hope that we get more eggs this cycle.  My goal in my head is 10 eggs.  This probably means I am going to need 12-15 decent sized follies, so I really need my left ovary to play this cycle!

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  1. My fingers are crossed hard for you, Twinkie!! C'mon lefty!!!