Friday, January 3, 2014

Day 3 of IVF #3

Today is day 3 of IVF #3 and the rest of my meds arrived today.  Here's a picture of my current med/supplement stash:

I can't believe how quickly this cycle is going.  I feel like I just started BCPs and now I am already doing injections and getting ready for my baseline u/s and blood work on Thursday.  So far things are going smoothly this cycle.  I haven't had any bruising from the injections.  My first cycle my stomach was a bruised mess and last cycle I just had a few bruises.  I wonder if it might be because I have a little more padding for the subQ injections?  

The side effects haven't been too bad yet this cycle.  So far the insomnia has stayed away (Thank Goodness!), but I have been having night sweats something fierce.  it was so bad last night that I had to change the sheets this morning, because I felt so gross.  I also have been super hungry (Thank you steroids) and have had a little heartburn.  The real test will be starting ganirelix next week.  I felt horrible when I started it last cycle.

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