Friday, February 7, 2014

It's the little things...

So today overall is a much better day than yesterday.  Only a few tears on the way home from work, which means I made it about 20 hours tear free.  Major accomplishment.  Seriously though, I will be happy to be off the progesterone, I feel like an emotional crazy woman at times.

So back to the title of my post.  Sometimes the little things make me happy.  I've been a crazy woman when it comes to tracking our medical expenses and organizing our receipts for our taxes.  When I say crazy, I mean full out certifiable nut job.  We are talking keeping multiple spreadsheets tracking expenses (FSA and claimable expenses, it also breaks out between IF and non-IF expenses for my own curiosity), organizing receipts (with insurance EOB for expenses covered by insurance) into a binder (complete with plastic page covers).  The receipts are sectioned off by service provider, since my RE and clinic both provided me with financial ledgers, which are included in the binder.  I'm usually not this organized, but when things stress me out I go overboard with organization, it gives me a sense of control.  Anyway when I was organizing everything, I realized I was missing my statements from the clinic for my October cycle.  There was one statement for my cycle balance and one for my anesthesia bill.  Of course this was the one statement that I didn't make a copy of (I copied August's bill).  I had the non detailed receipts, copies of the checks, and my financial ledger (doesn't include anesthesia though it's a third party service), so I wasn't too worried about it, but it was driving me insane that it was missing.  I am so happy that I found it today tucked in a purse that I was carrying in October.  Woohoo! Knowing that all of our documents are officially in order makes me so happy.  Now I just need to call an accountant and make an appointment to have our taxes done!

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