Thursday, November 21, 2013

WTF Appointment part 2

Well WTF part 2 turned out wildly different from part 1.  I was prepared for more talk about donor eggs or embryo adoption, but what I got was a plan for one more cycle!  The RE that our doc talked to thinks that we still have a shot with my eggs.  He thinks we need to push my ovaries harder to maximize the number of eggs retrieved.  Last cycle I had several smaller follicles that didn't quite catch up,  this cycle we are aiming to get those follicles up to a mature size.

We will also do genetic testing on the embryos if we have enough.  My clinic offers CGH testing which is done on day 5 blastocysts.  My doctor doesn't recommend CGH unless we have 4 or more good quality embryos to test.  If we don't have enough embryos, then we can either just transfer 1 or 2 and hoping at least one is normal, or banking the embryos and trying another fresh cycle.

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  1. I hope this plan is finally it for you! I admire your courage and strength everyday. ROAR!