Monday, September 9, 2013

Yup, my body hates me

I swear people that don't know me probably think I am a hypochondriac or that I have munchhausen's syndrome or something.  Seriously, I am not making this stuff up.

I posted the other day about my bout of hives and so far ::knock on wood:: I've only had the two breakouts, which is awesome.  Not so awesome I've pulled something in my hip/lower back, so I spent the weekend hobbling around like an old person.  Also the hubs and I have been battling a cold (so far I think I've been winning my battle, the hubs not so much).  So I got up this morning thinking that my injury/illness luck must be turning around, since my hip was feeling much better and my cold also seemed better.  I was wrong.  It only gets more bizarre.

I am getting out of the shower and notice that my upper chest is a little blotchy. Not completely unusual since I am very fair skinned.  I get dressed and fix my hair and start putting on make up.  I notice that the blotchiness is actually a fine rash complete with little bumps.  The rash runs up between my boobs, across my chest and onto my face.  It almost looks like a heat rash.  If it were more localized, I might think it were an acne breakout.

My coworkers kept asking if I had a new brand of detergent/body wash/lotion etc, but I ave been using the same that I always have.i have no clue what it's from.

IVF update:  Still on the BCP.  I did get the results of my repeat CD 3 blood work, and it's all good.  I am still waiting on my APA and NK cell blood work to come back.  The lady at the lab said it was sent on the 4th, but my nurse swears that she hasn't seen it.  I did get the blood work paid for today.  I still need to fill out, notarize, and turn in our consent forms; pay for and set up a delivery time for my meds; and pay for this cycle.  I start Lupron 2 weeks from Wednesday.  I need to get everything done so that I can get this show on the road!


  1. You cannot catch a break! Has the rash gotten any better since yesterday? Sorry about the back/hip pain. My hubby and I both have back pain (him much worse than me) and I know how much it sucks. ::HUGS!::

    1. Thanks ChickinNH. It's a lot better today