Thursday, September 12, 2013

Crossing things off the list

I think the thing that stressed me out the most about IVF #1 was how overwhelming it all felt.  You have to juggle all these appointments (consults, calendar reviews, inject trainings, ultrasounds,
blood work, etc) and have all these deadlines (meds must be delivered by a certain date, consents turned in this date, payments are due this date, etc) to meet.  My biggest fear was that I was going to forget something.  I found the easiest way to keep organized was to have a list of tasks and to cross them off when they were finished.  I also put them all in my outlook calendar at work (set to private) so that I wouldn't forget any of them.

The second time around is so much easier than the first or at least it should be.  I decided today that I would call the pharmacy to check on my meds since I need them by next Friday and the first part of next week is pretty busy for me.  So I call them up and they have no record of my order.  Really?!?!  My nurse faxed the order like 3 times since someone (me) kept waffling on how much follistim to order.  The old me would have freaked out and had a panic attack, instead I just called my nurse (who I needed to call anyway) and had her fax the order again.  I called the pharmacy back later to verify that they had got it and they were working on it right then.  They called me later to get my credit card number and schedule delivery. Crisis averted!

While I was on the phone with my nurse, I also asked her about my Intralipid infusion, since this is my first time doing this treatment.  I got some more good news, she let me know that they had found a new place to get the infusion and it was a lot cheaper.  Score! I love saving money.  Now instead of costing $450-$550, it should only cost $150.  Woo hoo!

I was a little sad though, I found out that I can't get my free flu shot at work this year.  The date is probably going to be right between my ER and ET.  I asked the nurse and she said it depends on your doctor and to call his office (My doc does his IVF through this clinic, but has his own office/practice at another location.  I called up his nurse and she said no flu shot.  I guess I'll just have to wait and get my flu shot later after my cycle.

I'll also get to cross one more thing off the list this week.  We are going to get our consent forms signed and notarized Saturday.  The only thing I will have left is to get my meds (Thursday), turn in my consents, and pay my balance).  Then the real fun will start!

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