Wednesday, September 4, 2013

IVF Update and WTF Wednesday

I had my calendar review yesterday and it went well (although I did tear up talking about our pitiful first IVF cycle.  It's weird I can blog all day about it, but if I talk about it out loud the waterworks start).  I found out that aparently the cycle dates online are wrong and that my cycle is a week earlier than i originally thought.  this also means that ER is the same week as my first big data delivery at work, which is just awsome.  in fact if my cycle works out the same as last time, my ER will be on the day of the data delivery.  I also found out that in addition to doubling my follistim (med that makes my ovaries produce more eggs), they are also adding ganirelix to the mix.  Once I start stims I will drop the Lupron and switch to the ganirelix, which is supposed to be better for poor responders.  Of course a vial of ganirelix (2 days worth) is the same price as a whole cycle's worth of Lupron and doubling my follistim essentially doubles my cost of my meds, but at this point I say bring it on.  I'm ready to do this.  Bring on the injections, headaches, and bloating.  I'm ready to kick infertility's ass!

And for my WTF.  Backstory: So right before I met DH I developed chronic idiopathic urticaria.  Basically chronic hives.  For two years I would breakout in hives if I didn't take antihistamines.  I did lots of blood work and my doctor could never find a cause.  Eventually they stopped and I hadn't thought much about them in the last 3 or so years.

Yesterday I'm sitting on the sofa browsing Facebook and my leg starts to itch.  I scratch it, but the itching just gets worse.  I pull up my pant leg and my leg is covered in hives from the knee down.  WTF!! I thought I was past this issue and seriously I have enough to deal with right now.  I took 2 Benadryl and went to bed, hoping it was just a random occurrence.  Nope, more hives this evening.  So far they aren't nearly as bad as they were several years ago,  so hopefully whatever this is will die down soon. I really don't want to deal with this for another two years.


  1. I hope the IVF Calendar dates work out and I am so sorry about the Hives!! I hope they go away real soon and it was just a fluke!

  2. I hope the Ganirelix is exactly what you need! Sorry the dates will fall at the wrong time workwise. GL with the hives! Like Say said (heh heh), I hope it's just a fluke!

  3. Sorry about the hives, do you think it could be stress?
    I done the conversion protocol and it worked well for me, I hope it does the trick for you.