Thursday, October 31, 2013

Beta #1 is in

Beta #1 came back at 14.6.  Not as high as I'd like, but it does mean that I am indeed pregnant.  The nurse reassured me that the number is not as important as the beta doubling in 48 hours.  So now it means I have a long 4 day wait for beta #2 on Monday, since my clinic won't order betas on the weekend.

I am trying to remain positive and focus on the fact that as of right now I am pregnant and my beta confirms this.  I can understand why some clinics don't give out beta information until after the second beta. It is hard not to focus on the number.

I stocked up on FRERs and a box of digis.  Hopefully I will continue to get positive HPTs and this will help keep me from going completely BSC this weekend.

I really need this baby to stick, I am in love already.

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