Wednesday, August 28, 2013

CD 1 Woot Woot!

Who's excited about getting their period?  That'd be this girl right here.  Today is CD 1 in all it's glory, heavy flow, cramps, the works.  It probably sounds weird that I'm excited to get my period, since yes are TTC, but I think my infertile friends understand what I'm talking about.

There are two reasons that I am happy to see Aunt Flo (side note: I don't understand the whole personifying your period, but Aunt Flo sounds better than menstruation or menses and one can only say period so many times on one post, so I'll go with it).  Reason #1:  I can officially put our crappy attempt at IVF #1 behind us.  Ladies (and Gentlemen, if there are any out there reading this) our first cycle of IVF is officially over and I say good riddance.  Now it's time to really start looking forward to our next cycle in October.

Reason #2 deals with scheduling.  My RE orders general blood work through Quest Labs.  This is usually super convenient since I can do it at the lab next to my house instead of driving all the way up to the clinic (45ish minute drive for me, although the hubs can usually make it in well under 40 minutes because he has a lead foot). I need to redo some of my CD 3 blood work that was done with my OB/GYN since it has been a year, so my nurse sent me home with some lab orders and instructions to go in on day 2, 3, or 4 of my cycle.  I realized yesterday that if my period didn't get here today or tomorrow, the Labor Day weekend could throw a wrench into my plans.  Anyway, all worked out and I'll be able to go Friday and do my blood work.

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