Sunday, August 25, 2013

Baptisms and Football

So today was my nephew's baptism, and while it wasn't the day I was expecting, overall it was a good day.  The first challenge of the day was finding something to wear.  My job has a casual dress code, so I don't wear dress clothes very often.  I thought I was golden since I had just bought new dress pants at the end of June for a business trip.  I go to put on said pants and I barely got them buttoned.  Between the stress and all the hormones the last few months, I have gained a significant amount of weight.  I know that I should probably start exercising more to try to drop the weight before round 2, but I have very little motivation right now.

The baptism was nice, my nephew (who's 11 months old) cried when the preacher held him and definitely wasn't a fan of water on his head.  When I had pictured this day 3 or 4 weeks ago when my sister scheduled it, I thought that I would be 4DP5DT.  Since we didn't make it to transfer, I thought that today might be hard, but it really wasn't.  I am starting to accept our failed cycle and am finally at a point where I can look forward to our next cycle.

When we were walking out of the church my brother mentioned to the hubs that he had some extra football preseason tickets if he wanted to go to the next game.  The hubs is all like, "Do you have anymore extra tickets? I have a friend that might like to go."  I looked at him and said I hope by friend you mean wife!  So maybe, I will be going to a preseason football game.  I haven't been to a NFL game since high school.  I think it could be fun!

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