Monday, May 5, 2014

CD 17 a Two days until transfer

Two days until we meet our snowflakes.  I'm oddly pretty calm about everything which is strange for me.  With all of my IVF transfers I was super anxious in the days before transfer, not surprising given our poor quality embryos.  I was usually just praying for something to transfer.  I'm also usually anxious about traveling.  I am always worrying about forgetting something important, not having the right clothing, having car trouble, or missing our flight.  I am just not overly anxious.  Sure I'll probably double check that I have my meds, the itinerary, my phone, etc. a hundred times, but that's normal right? :)

I also feel like I should be anxious since they thawed our day 6 embryos and are growing them to blast.  They don't call with updates so we won't know how many made it until our transfer.  Oddly I'm not worried.  I am just keeping my FX that they are growing and that a few will make it to blast.

It's all still a little surreal.  With my IVF cycles there was so much to worry about.  Baselines, injections, follicle scans, E2 levels, lining checks, ER, fert reports, day 3 reports, making it to transfer, will we get any frosties...  This FET has been so simple compared to all of that.  It doesn't really feel like we are cycling, except for my sore butt from the PIO, it's a dose of reality. :)


  1. I'm am so excited for you and I everything crossed for you and your little embies! Good luck!!

  2. You are so close, lady! Best of luck to you and your snowflakes :D

  3. Wow Twink, this is really exciting!!!! I hope everything went okay!!! Do we get an update yet?!

  4. Best of luck to you. I've also been TTC for 3 years and had my DE FET last week. Sending you lots and lots of baby dust.