Sunday, April 20, 2014

CD 2

Happy Easter everyone!

So I suck at blogging.

A little recap of the last few weeks.  We had our psych eval and it went well and we got our forms notarized and mailed back in.  My period showed up yesterday and I started estrace (estrogen) for our donor embryo FET.  My lining check should be in 11 days and my transfer will hopefully be in 16 days.

I've also been working on a blog for NIAW and made my first post today.  I wanted somewhere to share information about IF, but I am not ready to share everything about our IF journey with my friends and family.  So I decided to create a new blog.  Here it is for anyone who is interested:


  1. I'm so excited for you! I hope this donor embryo cycle is what it takes for you to get your take home baby.

    1. Thanks! I keep flipping between being excited and being convinced that it will never work. I really hope that one of our snowflakes is finally our take home baby.

  2. I'm so hopeful for you, Twink :) I'm praying for you and your snowflakes that this is finally it <3